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The Weekend: Happenings and Musings From a Laze-About

This post is a chronicle of one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time. It is not a post about a millenial singer with bad hair and his distateful penchant for singing about his imaginary sexual conquests. I acknowledge that he has blessedly cut his hair. Sorry – I just cannot bear to listen to this song one more goddamn time.

Dom with red suitcase
Syra-cruisin’ it


Why was it so good? Because I took some much needed “me” time. There was no racing around the city looking for new and interesting photoshoot locations. There was no battling traffic to get to an event on time. There was no editing of 700 pictures or blog posts. It was great.

There was a whole lot of bbq-ing of gorgeous cuts of meat and making of delicious summery salads. I also swam in rosé and ate frosé with a spoon. The latter was so darn good, I’m weeping a little as I type this.


You know what else I did? I took a day to garden – my true passion!! On Saturday, I knelt in the earth digging holes for my new euphorbia, planted a gorgeous serviceberry tree and placed annuals in empty spots to add some colour. The only stress on Saturday was wondering if I should buy that rosebush or this one. It was great. The Darling Husband got in on the action too. And by “in on the action”, I mean he sprayed me with the hose because apparently, I married a 12-year-old.

Weekend Musings and Happenings
The Stock Tank Pool – pic courtesy of Charlotte’s Farm

I also considered buying a stock tank pool for the backyard. What is a stock tank pool, you ask? It’s about the size of a wading pool, but bigger and deeper, and used by farmers to provide drinking water for cows. Hipster landscapers have adopted the stock tank pool as the new “it” swimming pool for those of us too cheap and/or poor to acquire a real in-ground pool. My wonderfully capitalist/maximalist friend announced loudly this weekend that “if she had $45,000 to spend, it wouldn’t be on an in-ground pool, but on an exotic handbag like a crocodile Birkin.” To each their own.

Happy Birthday Canada! Joe Fresh
Happy Canada Day! #dorkusmelorkus

What else did I get up to? Well, I planned a quick road trip to Syracuse to pick up my cousin who’ll be visiting for Canada Day. I AM SO EXCITED. This Canada Day will be a goodie, as Ottawa is majorly ramping up festivities to celebrate the country’s 150th birthday. Bono and The Edge have just confirmed that they’ll be playing on Parliament Hill (insane), and my girlfriend is having a blowout party at her house. Oh God – again – I am SO EXCITED.

We also hosted a huge party for my mother-in-law who is retiring this week. Despite the torrential downpour yesterday, we still managed to pull off a great bbq and a quick sit out in the backyard. We celebrated her impressive career in the field of law and talked about all of her awesome retirement plans, like lounging at the cottage and bike tours in French wine country. Can we please switch lives???

Shadow The Merle Collie
Shadow The Merle Collie

She recently adopted the cutest dog ever, and I thought it was adorable that all of her plans pretty much surrounded Shadow. Not surprising though. Look at that face!!

So yeah, while I didn’t get up to too much, it was an amazing weekend. Catching up on sleep and eating like a queen did me some good. For the first time in forever, I feel rested this Monday. Hanging out with family and having almost no obligations truly is my version of heaven.

How was your weekend?

Dominique Baker
Dominique Baker

Dominique is a Canadian-based fashion and beauty influencer with a strong voice in Ottawa’s black community. Since launching her blog Style Domination in 2015, she has amassed a global fanbase. Dominique shares her life through beautiful imagery and compelling story-telling that speaks to her fans on a personal level. She’s been featured in The Guardian, Flare, The Kit and Cityline. She also hosts events for Dress for Success, the Gem Conference, and has been named a United Way Person 2 Know for the past three years.

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  1. June 26, 2017 / 1:13 pm

    I had never heard of a stock tank pool before this post, so thanks so much for telling me all about it. It sounds like you had a pretty fab weekend.

    • Dominique
      June 27, 2017 / 9:03 am

      Thanks, Cheryl! Check out the storage container pools – amazing! I love this movement towards repurposing things that would otherwise go to waste!

    • Dominique
      June 27, 2017 / 9:04 am

      Thank you! That little dress is from Express!

  2. Adaleta
    June 26, 2017 / 11:52 pm

    That dress in the first photo is so pretty!!

    • Dominique
      June 27, 2017 / 9:04 am

      Thanks, Ada! Good ol’ Express! Unfortunately, all of the Express stores in Canada are shutting down. The upside was scoring that little number for next to nothing.

    • Dominique
      July 4, 2017 / 9:40 am

      Awww Hanna! Thank you! Shadow is the best!

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