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A Q&A With Fitness Pro Dave Fontaine, Premium Performance Fitness Centre

I’ve been working out at Premium Performance Fitness Centre since last October and my results have been nothing short of dramatic. I look in the mirror now and I’m a little stunned! I look amazing, if I may say so myself and I owe it all to my trainers at Premium Performance. Nice little bonuses to working out regularly? My insomnia is gone. Back pain? Way, way better. Excess pounds have melted off and I have muscles I didn’t know I had.

A Q&A With Fitness Pro Dave Fontaine, Premium Performance Fitness Centre | Style Domination
Dave Fontaine, Co-owner, Premium Performance

When I started training with Dave, I admit, I didn’t really know what to expect. He quickly put me at ease though with his thorough knowledge of fitness and nutrition. Not only is he totally easy-going (no barking at me to do more lunges and heavier squats), he truly cares about the experience his members have at the beautiful gym he co-owns.

I got a chance to sit with Dave and ask him a few questions about his love of fitness and overall health. Read my interview with Dave below and swing by Premium Performance Fitness Centre asap to check out this luxury gym.

A Q&A With Fitness Pro Dave Fontaine, Premium Performance Fitness Centre | Style Domination

So Dave, why did you decide to start your own business?

If there is something I have learned over time, it’s that if you want something done the right way… do it yourself. I had a vision of what a great fitness centre should be and how things should be done. I’m a pretty hard-headed guy and I didn’t like the way things were managed in other places. So, my partner Paul and I decided to open a gym that would stand out from the others, and where any type of client could find an experience tailor-made to his or her needs.

What motivated you to become a personal trainer?

I always loved sports and played competitive baseball, football and rugby all my life.  I also loved the physical preparation that those sports required and at one point I started to love the preparation for the sport more than playing the actual sport. I fell in love with training and the rest, as they say, is history.

How does Premium Performance differ from other gyms?

Here, everything is quantified: your hormonal profile, muscle imbalance, fiber type, sleep and nutrition. We measure these things properly at Premium Performance – no “guesswork” here. The key to success is to realize that every client is different and has different needs. You can’t treat a client the same way that you treat another one. When you know what you’re doing and what the client needs to work on in order to achieve their goals, the results come by themselves. Many trainers are just guessing or give you a program that works for them hoping that it works for you, but everybody is different! Accurate assessment is the key to success!

A Q&A With Fitness Pro Dave Fontaine, Premium Performance Fitness Centre | Style Domination
Dave spotting a member during training

What common mistakes do people make when looking for a personal trainer?

Many people don’t ask enough questions and don’t do enough research before choosing a trainer. They think that all trainers are equal and have the same credentials. They think that the trainer who has completed a weekend training course and now works in a commercial gym is going to change their lives. The problem is that there are more bad trainers than good ones, and despite being certified, you have to do your own research. Get references and check them out for yourselves. People spend more time at the restaurant choosing what they are going to eat than time choosing who will take care of their health and fitness.

Why did you decide to add an onsite osteopath?

Meaghan is an amazing osteopath who focuses on treating muscular pain and overall bone, joint and muscle imbalances. Her skills and training complement what we do here at Premium Performance. She knows a lot of things that I don’t know. If I don’t know how to do something, I bring someone in who does. She treats all of our clients in addition to those who aren’t members. Having an onsite osteopath who can treat members is convenient along with being an added value to what we already offer.

Meagan gives a damn good massage!! And she greatly helped my wrist and lower back pain!

You are a bit of a foodie with your love of good restaurants and the occasional glass of wine. How do you incorporate “balance” into your life with working out? Do you have cheat days?

I just try to balance things and when I talk about “balancing things”, it’s not all pizza one day and strictly chicken and salad the next. Most of the time you need to eat the right things frequently in order to not feel guilty when you “need” that chocolate bar.

Premium Performance created a personal training and nutrition plan for me that has resulted in major results already. Details in post!

Briefly describe a typical day of eating for you.

Lots of protein from a variety of sources, good fat, tons of vegetables with some type of fruits that have a low glycemic index. I have carbs whenever I feel like it.

What does a typical week of exercise look like for you? Do you change it up often?

Most of the time, I switch between phases of accumulation where the volume is higher. By that, I mean more repetitions and fewer sets and phases of intensification where there are fewer repetitions and more sets. I am really busy working most of the days from 6 am to 8 pm, so I try to do three to four good sessions of training per week. A typical phase of training lasts around three to four weeks.

Do you have #fitspiration? Anyone inspire you?

My inspiration is my mentor and great friend Stephane Cazeault. He taught me everything I know. He is one of the smartest and most knowledgeable people I know. He is the Einstein of strength training!

What is your philosophy on health and fitness?

Everybody is different and no one is built the same inside and outside. No one has the same stresses in life too, and no one has the same lifestyle. So, everybody should treat themselves as a unique individual that has unique needs. Education is key, and it is the trainer’s duty to educate his clients and to understand them. When someone is ready to put his health into your hands you have to take this very seriously to make sure that the client achieves more than what he or she expects.  

If you want to see this beautiful gym for yourself, visit Premium Performance Fitness Centre at 114 Merton Street, Ottawa, ON. Follow Premium Performance on Instagram, Facebook and online (http://www.premiumperformance.ca/).

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