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Why You Need A Saje Diffuser In Your Life

When I think “Saje Wellness“, I usually let out a big sigh of relaxation. I often sneak into their calm and peaceful boutiques to sniff all of the essential oils and diffuser blends, often picking up a couple to use in my AromaOm Ultrasonic Diffuser. The Goddess Diffuser Blend? Liquid gold, I tell ya!

Saje Wellness' AromaArt Diffuser is a beautiful way to add a relaxing atmosphere to your home!

It’s also a favourite stop during my Christmas shopping. Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY that I’ve ever gifted with Saje Wellness products usually squeals with joy. I mean, can you blame them? The stuff is amazing. Filled with good intentions, their perfumes, blends, candles and soaps, etc. radiate with positivity.

This fall, I received the AromaArt Fullbloom Limited Edition Diffuser and I love it. A collaboration with fine artist Dana Mooney, this beautiful diffuser brightens up my office and bedroom, filling the air with the soft scents of whatever Saje Wellness oils I choose to add to it. The soft watercolours of the diffuser are relaxing, very typical of Dana Mooney’s art. Sadly, this collection was limited and is currently sold out, but Saje Wellness is currently offering the High Tide Limited Edition Diffuser by San Francisco artist, Heather Day which has a similar look and feel.

Why Buy A Diffuser?

Saje Wellness' AromaArt Diffuser is a beautiful way to add a relaxing atmosphere to your home!

Ultrasonic diffusers elevate your well-being by releasing negative ions to cleanse and purify the air while dispersing beneficial essential oil molecules.

My home is definitely on the dry side, and this diffuser acts as a humidifier in our bedroom. Something I’ve noticed since I’ve started using it is that my husband no longer suffers from a dry cough at night. *His snoring has gotten a little better too! With its 20-25 hours of running time, the AromaArt Diffuser provides a light mist suitable enough for a room 300-500 sq.ft. in size. This diffuser is also heat-free, therefore it will not interfere or change the composition of the essential oils you add to the water tank. Another great feature? It has an automatic shut-off, so it’s totally worry-free.

Diffuser Blends To Try

Saje Wellness' AromaArt Diffuser is a beautiful way to add a relaxing atmosphere to your home!

Now that we are in flu season, I suggest you all try the Good Health Diffuser Blend Collection. Comprised of Tranquility, Stress Release (NEED!), Liquid Sunshine and Immune Diffuser Blends, it’s the perfect way to welcome positivity and supportive energy into your home. Each blend’s scent instantly makes me more relaxed, which in turn helps me de-stress. A de-stressed Dom is better able to ward off cold and flu bugs, so I use these on the regular.

A few things to keep in mind with Saje Wellness’ Diffuser Blends? They are 100% natural, not tested on animals, no synthetics are used in their production, they’re travel-friend and vegan. Covers the whole spectrum.

Saje Wellness' AromaArt Diffuser is a beautiful way to add a relaxing atmosphere to your home!

I love my diffusers so much that I will be gifting a few of my loved ones with them for Christmas. I truly feel they make the perfect gift, both from the health and decor perspectives.

Have you tried any of Saje’s diffusers? Got a favourite diffuser blend? Share it with us in the comments!

*If you suffer with snoring, consult your doctor to learn about remedies to best suit you.

**A thank you to Saje Wellness for providing the AromaArt Ultrasonic Diffuser and Diffuser Blends in exchange for my honest opinion.


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Dominique Baker

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