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Top Sunglass Trends For 2018

Well, my favourite time of year is officially here! Merivale Vision Care’s Spring Trunk Show is back! This Thursday, May 3rd, visit Merivale Vision Care for their annual spring showing of hot eyewear frames and sunglasses!

This year, they are featuring the latest from Chloé (my personal favourite of all time) and Rag & Bone. Each year’s party is a smashing success, not to mention a really fun party! Best of all, a portion of proceeds raised that night is donated to Harmony House, a women and children’s shelter for survivors of domestic violence.

Top Sunglass Trends For 2018 | Dominique Baker

Spring  Trunk Show Details

What: Merivale Vision Care Spring Trunk Show

When: Thursday, May 3rd, 2018

Time: 4pm – 8pm

Where: 8A-1547 Merivale Road

Event details and RSVP here.

As I visited the clinic, I was impressed at how many trending sunglasses were on display. So, what is trending exactly this year? Read on!

Top Sunglass Trends For 2018

The Tinted Lens

Top Sunglass Trends For 2018 | Dominique Baker

I’m seeing all sorts of great tinted lenses ranging from dusty blue to taupe. I picked up a pair earlier this year with great pale blue lenses which really pop against my skin. Tinted lenses add a sense of “je ne sais quoi” to an otherwise tame set of frames (I’m a poet!).

Cool Shapes & Embellishments

Top Sunglass Trends For 2018 | Dominique Baker
Chloé Carlina and Poppy Sunglasses 2018
Top Sunglass Trends For 2018 | Dominique Baker
Top to bottom: Chloé Carlina, Chloé Poppy, Rag & Bone

Currently dying right now from all of the great frame shapes this year. Diamond, hexagonal, scalloped, completely square, completely round – you name it. The crazier, the better. Check out frames from the last Dolce and Gabbana show. Hope you like gold, rhinestones and vermeil!

“Geometric Cat Eye”

Top Sunglass Trends For 2018 | Dominique Baker

This trend is one of the biggest eyewear trends I’ve seen in a while. Stylish cat eye frames that are on the smaller side with very pointed edges. I find this one is a hard one to pull off if you aren’t a Victoria’s Secret model.

Visors? YES.

(Photo: James Devaney, Getty Images)

This is personally my favourite of the trends. Céline makes a killer flat-top visor that is always stylish and flattering on most face shapes. Classy and sexy at the same time.

What is your fave sunglass trend for 2018?

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