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Damn You, Canadian Winter!!!

It is soo cold.  Like, IT IS SO COLD.  This morning when I got up and checked the weather, it was f*cking -40ºC with the windchill.  I am not exaggerating. I shed a tear as I bundled up for work.  By the way, it takes me about 15 minutes to bundle up.  Thermal tights, thermal socks, leg warmers over skinnies for the brutal walk from my car to the office, layers upon layers, giant scarf, hat, mitts and a down-filled jacket that makes me look like the black version of George Costanza.  I am officially over winter.  F*ck this weather, man.

george costanza gore tex

Ok – rant over.  I want to share some of my winter favourites that keep me warm during this nuclear, never-ending winter.

BOOTS are your friend.  I bought these four years ago and they were worth every last red cent.  So warm, waterproof and cute.  I would buy them again!  Even after the beating the winter puts them through, they still look brand new.

Ugg Adirondack Tall Boot


I treat myself to a pair of Roots legwarmers every winter.  They are awesome and I’m amazed at what a difference they make. Buy them early in the season though – they fly!

Roots Leg Warmers


*Roots Legwarmers – check out the crazy photoshop job on the left of the pic.  Good one, Roots!  LOL!

I have been on the hunt for a fur hat for a few years now.  I may book a trip to Russia to acquire one (worth it), as they do not seem exist where I live, and ordering them online proves difficult due to customs restrictions on fur and other exotic fabrics.


Canada Goose coats are WARM and worth the money.  Beautifully constructed and made of quality materials (Hutterite down-filled, hoods trimmed in coyote fur which hold heat in and provides a windbreak), Canadian-made because we know cold…can you ask for anything more?  If you don’t like fur, they finally started making styles sans pelts.

Canada Goose Coat


Leather Gloves

Now – leather gloves are great…in the fall.  They are pretty much useless in the winter.  That didn’t stop Santa from leaving me these adorable gloves.  Best part other than how cute they are?  They jingle!

Black studs

*Danier Leather Studded Gloves


I got this Pink Tartan sweater and I love it.  Fitted, adorable and made of cashmere (and alpaca). I find cashmere to be particularly warm.  Maybe because it is so soft and the cashmere fibres hold heat in better…I don’t know. When you buy cashmere, look for quality – 100% cashmere, tight knit, double-ply, made in Scotland or Italy and do the “pill test”.  Rub the cashmere together between your thumb and fore finger.  If it pills, leave it.


*Pink Tartan Dog Tooth Sweater – Holt Renfrew

How are you surviving winter?  And if you are heading down south to warmer climes, PLEASE TAKE ME!!!  I’m dying of hypothermia!!!



Dominique Baker
Dominique Baker

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