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This All-Natural Perfume Is Sexy And Sensual

Maison Jacynthe is one of my favourite 100% natural and vegan beauty companies. With its huge selection of top quality cosmetics, skincare and perfume, it should be on your beauty list for 2017 if it isn’t already. A stand-out of this Montreal-based company? Their new Vingt-Deux All-Natural Perfume.

What sets this perfume apart from other all-natural options? It doesn’t smell like pine cones or tofu (not funny). Instead, it’s rich, sensual and sexy, and best of all, its lasting power is superb. Not all natural perfumes make it throughout the day, so this one is a goodie.

This All-Natural Perfume Is Sexy And Sensual | Maison Jacynthe

I’ve collaborated with Maison Jacynthe a few times before and this brand always impresses. Lipsticks are beautifully pigmented and eyeshadows and blushes are finely milled, easily blended and last all day. Maison Jacynthe also offers one of the best natural mascaras that you need to check out too.

When I received my package of goodies to test out, I was excited! Unwrapping the Vingt-Deux perfume and breathing in its heady scent, I got goosebumps! It’s that good.

Vingt-Deux Eau de Parfum

This All-Natural Perfume Is Sexy And Sensual | Maison Jacynthe

So, what has me all goosebumpy? Well, for starters, this all-natural perfume features top notes of bergamot, rum and cardamom. These notes are followed by peony, geranium and ylang ylang. It’s the base notes though that are my favourites. With sweet hits of maple (yum!), cinnamon and benzoin, it has quickly become a daily pleasure.

Perfect for fall and winter, it makes me think of sitting by the fire, sipping on eggnog at Christmas and slipping on a thick, cozy cashmere sweater. It’s truly intoxicating and the cinnamon notes make this perfume unique and special. Truly fantastic.


This All-Natural Perfume Is Sexy And Sensual | Maison Jacynthe

I got lucky this time around with my package from Maison Jacynthe. I also received two of the most perfect nail polishes for winter: Venezia and Roma.

It’s really hard to find high-quality nail polishes with mostly natural ingredients. Most can be too thin and chip quickly. The nail colour line offered by Maison Jacynthe is lovely and gives department store brands a run for their money.

Free of 9 to 10 of the most toxic ingredients found in nail polish, these colours are also fortified with organic silicon. They are also cruelty, nickel and gluten-free, along with being vegan.

Venezia is a sexy blood red colour and Roma is deep, dark and moody. I currently have Roma on my toes and frankly, wish I could show them off in some hot sandals.

Thinking of trying out some natural beauty products? Want to give Vingt-Deux a try? Check out Maison Jacynthe at www.maisonjacynthe.ca or visit owner Jacynthe René’s beautiful spa and treat yourself to some of the wonderful treatments!

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Dominique Baker

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