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If “Elegance” Had A Scent, It Would Smell Like These Perfumes

What would “elegance” smell like if it was a scent? Tocca Florence, I kid you not.

This very long-lasting, gardenia-based scent stole my heart when I tried it out at a gifting suite during last September’s New York Fashion Week. Always a fan of Tocca, I wasn’t surprised by its ladylike, green floral fragrance.

Tocca Florence Perfume on a vanity

Tocca Florence

Tocca Florence features key notes of Italian bergamot, ivory gardenia, pear and “blonde woods” (a synthetic, abstract scent spanning the gamut of musk and light rain, with a hit of powdery spiciness).

I won’t lie – this fragrance is powerful, and probably not for everyone. One good spray will last you all day long and for me, elicited both “ooohs and ahhhhs”, and the occassional “Ok, Grandma”. I normally get the ridiculous “Grandma” comment from those who are so annoying and don’t appreciate great perfumes from those who do not care for singular note florals such as jasmine, gardenia, violet and rose (the classics, if you ask me).

Tocca Cleopatra perfume on a vanity

Tocca Cleopatra

Tocca Cleopatra, on the other hand, is softly sexy and univerally well-liked. Cleopatra is classified as an Oriental scent, featuring top notes of black currant, grapefruit and cassis; middle notes of peach, jasmine and tuberose; and base notes of patchouli, musk, amber and vanilla.

I truly love this perfume. It’s easy to wear and a real crowdpleaser…one of those perfumes you wear in public and at least one person will ask you about it. It reminds me slightly of Lovely by SJP.

Tocca Florence Hair Fragrance

Tocca also offers up Florence Hair Fragrance. This is a lovely option for those who prefer just a light hit of Florence with each swish of the hair. What’s particularly nice about this fragrance is that it contains moisturizing coconut oil and it provides some good shine! That being said, all hair fragrances contain alcohol, which is drying. I would not use any hair fragrance on a daily basis.

Both of these scents remind me of warm, summer days, so I spritz them on each time it’s blizzarding here in Ottawa. You know…when I’m quite literally on the cusp of selling everything and moving to Tahiti like a smart person.

Dominique Baker
Dominique Baker

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