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September Beauty Edit

Well, now that September has drawn to a close, I think it’s about time for me to highlight my top beauty faves that I have discovered over the past month. As the chill sets in and I desperately cling on to the warm weather (for dear life), I’ve started focusing on skincare again. This particular summer was a pretty good one for me skin-wise. With me cutting down on alcohol and increasing my water intake, the zits have subsided, dark circles aren’t nearly as bad (glad I didn’t opt for those fillers) and I have been blessed with some seriously glowing skin. Now that the weather has cooled off, I’ve been running more outside too, and working out more all-around really, so I’ve been washing my hair more and reaching for extra moisturizing products.

So, what products have been my go-tos this September? Read on!

September Beauty Edit

Leonor Greyl Lait Lavant à la Banane

To  reduce my summer sangria belly, I’ve been upping my running mileage and working out at The Dailey Method Ottawa. If you watched my last YouTube video, you would have seen me so eloquently describing myself as a “sweat monster” while working out. Since I cannot last one week without washing my hair during this fitness binge of mine, I’ve been using Leonor Greyl’s Lait Lavant à la Banane to wash my hair instead of my usual co-washing between my weekly shampoos.

What is co-washing, you ask? It’s when you wash your hair with conditioner only which is much more gentle than using regular shampoo. This product is a highly moisturizing shampoo, but it does not lather like one. Instead, it cleans gently and is safe for every day use. This product makes my hair so soft that I don’t bother with conditioner at all as it also detangles so well. AND…it smells like bananas! BANANAS.

September Beauty Edit

Elizabeth Arden Superstart Skin Renewal Booster

Over the summer, I got a minor sunburn while laying out in my backyard. That will learn me. I should have been running a 5K with my running group but I blew them off to get better acquainted with the July issue of Cosmo. Anyways, in an effort to repair the sun damage, I started using Superstart every day before applying my moisturizer. It made my skin really soft and definitely noticed a more even tone.

This product promises to help the skin’s natural ability to repair and renew and boosts the effect of your skincare products. It’s loaded with grasswort extract (reduces skin’s water loss), sea fennel and flaxseed extracts (reinforces skin’s moisture barrier) and a probiotic complex which helps skin strengthen its natural defences. Really liked this gel-like product, it’s fresh scent and will definitely be restocking.

September Beauty Edit

Kiel’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve

Ok – I am a hand cream junkie. If there is one thing I cannot stand, it’s dry hands. I just hate the feeling. I am an extremely loyal devotee of Aveda’s Hand Relief, but have been using this Kiehl’s hand cream for the past month. While I don’t care for the scent (eucalyptus – sigh, always reminds me of cold medicine), this cream is really good. It’s nice and thick, moisturizes really well and does a great job at keeping cuticles moisturized.

The only drawbacks, other than the scent, is that A) it’s expensive at $29.00 and B) frankly, not as good as its now-discontinued predecessor Unusually Rich But Not Greasy At All Handcream. It was unscented, uber moisturizing and so good, I would have paid twice as much for it. Kiehl’s – please, please, please bring this product back!

September Beauty Edit September Beauty Edit

Elizabeth Arden Always Red Femme

New season, new perfumes!! I had been on the hunt for some new spicy, sexy fall scents and this one fits the bill completely. It’s fragrance starts off with the sweet and refreshing scents of pear and lemon with a hint of blackcurrant bud. It’s highlighted by jasmine and muguet (lily of the valley) and dries down softly to vanilla, moss, cedarwood and patchouli. I feel the scent is mainly vanilla-based and I am very ok with that. I knew this eau de toilette was a goody when I got extra snuggles from the hubs.

Saje Wellness Shanthi Parfum Naturel

My sis Erika, a loyal devotee of Saje Natural Wellness, knows me so well. She knows that I love perfume dearly – especially floral ones. During her early September visit, she gifted me with Shanthi and I’m now obsessed. Described as “serene & tranquil”, this natural perfume is exactly that, an intoxicating mix of jasmine, geranium, lemongrass kaffir lime, sweet basil, cinnamon, nutmeg and black pepper. I have never smelled anything quite like it. I find any excuse to wear it because it’s so unique and lovely.  Additionally, Saje incorporates gemstones into all of its perfumes. How amazing is that? Shanthi comes in a rollerball format (great for toting around) and the rollerball itself is made of white marble. Combined with the word “shanthi” (Sanskrit for “peace”), white marble helps to create an air of unity, serenity and tranquility.

In true Saje form, this perfume comes with a healing mantra: “I choose to bring peace and harmony outside myself by acting mindfully towards others.” Words to live by.

September Beauty Edit

Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen 

This is the best facial sunscreen I’ve ever used. It is the only sunscreen other than La Mer’s extremely expensive Soleil de la Mer – The Reparative Face Sun Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 30, that does not make my face look greyish, corpse-like and ashy – hugely important for black women. It’s non-greasy, makeup applies really well over this sunscreen and it smells lightly of flowers – a scent that dissipates quickly (for those who cannot stand scented face products). Really love this one and I will definitely be adding it to my daily arsenal.

That wraps up my September Beauty Edit, but stay tuned for more beauty reviews throughout October. I have some lovely moody and dark-coloured cosmetics to recommend for the fall season. Stay tuned!

*Elizabeth Arden products were provided to me in exchange for my honest opinion.

Dominique Baker
Dominique Baker

Dominique is a Canadian-based fashion and beauty influencer with a strong voice in Ottawa’s black community. Since launching her blog Style Domination in 2015, she has amassed a global fanbase. Dominique shares her life through beautiful imagery and compelling story-telling that speaks to her fans on a personal level. She’s been featured in The Guardian, Flare, The Kit and Cityline. She also hosts events for Dress for Success, the Gem Conference, and has been named a United Way Person 2 Know for the past three years.

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  1. October 5, 2016 / 11:44 am

    I need to have them all

    • Dominique
      October 5, 2016 / 4:01 pm

      Haha! They are all goodies!

  2. October 5, 2016 / 4:48 pm

    Can I just say I love the Photos?!
    Do you know if Elisabeth Ardentinny are available in Germany hon?
    Thanks so much for the inspiration?

    • Dominique
      October 5, 2016 / 11:14 pm

      Hi Tatjana! Thank you so much! Yes it is! Well, at the very least, you can order off of their German website at http://www.elizabetharden.de. It’s such a global brand, I’m sure you can find it in your country…in Berlin and Munich at least! xoxoxo

    • Dominique
      October 6, 2016 / 9:00 am

      Thank you so much!

  3. October 6, 2016 / 1:33 am

    I love Elizabeth Arden products and will have to try these. Excellent review of all the products above! I enjoyed reading your opinions of each one!

    Beth || http://www.TheStyleBouquet.com

    • Dominique
      October 6, 2016 / 9:04 am

      Thank you so much, Beth! I feel that Elizabeth Arden is a highly underrated and fantastic brand, so I try to spread the word!

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