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The Best Perfumes For Your Inner Naturalista: Saje Wellness Natural Perfume Collection

When I saw Saje Wellness’ Natural Perfume Collection, I instantly thought about an elementary school teacher who wore socks with Birkenstocks every single day and reeked of patchouli. I scrunched up my nose as I walked past but something about them drew me in.

Saje Wellness Natural Perfume

Housed in a minimalist, brushed metallic case, I caught a delightful whiff of florals, exotic spices and freshness. This made for a uniqueness missing from popular formulations found at department stores. In addition, the rollerball perfumes looked a little different from each other. As I drew closer, I saw that the rollerballs were in fact gemstones. GEMSTONES! Saje Natural Wellness, in its typically cool naturalista fashion, managed to make a set of natural perfumes that smelled wonderful and looked even better.

Shanthi Natural Perfume – My Favourite

Saje Wellness Natural Perfumes

I was instantly drawn to “Shanthi” – which is kind of funny as shanthi symbolizes peace, rest, calmness, tranquility, and bliss. All things I could seriously use at the moment.

Shanthi is a truly intoxicating blend of florals such as jasmine (a favourite) and herbs and spices (nutmeg – adding a warm spiciness).  Also, this scent features fresh citrus for a little zestiness. This combination makes for an exotic and comforting fragrance that I reached for often during the winter months. It’s “citrus-iness” translates very well into the spring too.

Another thing I loved about Shanthi is its white marble rollerball. The white marble symbolizes unity and serenity, and its cool smoothness feels lovely against your neck as you apply it. Saucy!

The Collection ($42.95)

Saje Wellness Natural Perfumes

Also included in this pretty little set are:


Yoga, featuring a pretty amethyst rollerball, is a rich blend of patchouli and bergamot (two more of my fave scents). Patchouli’s earthiness will keep you grounded while bergamot’s freshness promotes relaxation and diminishes stress. Personally, I love to apply this fragrance after a good workout.


Featuring a jade (!!!) rollerball, Tantra is a refreshing mix of orange and sandalwood. Orange’s brightness complements sandalwood’s heady soft and woody aroma. Both scents mix together to promote relaxation. Carry this perfume with you as jade is the stone of good luck!


Ahhhh – Goddess! Goddess is a popular one. Trust me. I managed to buy the full-sized rollerball after visiting Saje many times only to find it perpetually sold out. This fragrance is all rose otto (very floral and uplifting) and neroli – a mix of floral and citrus, which is both peaceful and uplifting.

This is my second favourite scent of the collection, as its ultra feminine and sweet without being cloying. This particular fragrance features a rose quartz rollerball. Rose Quartz is the “heart stone” which promotes love for yourself and others. The world could use a whole lotta Goddess right about now.


Ananda features a beautiful Tiger’s Eye gemstone for its rollerball – the stone which helps us identify our needs versus our wants. I guess I “needed” this scent when I “needed” that Gucci bag. Sigh.

This scent is kinda sexy with its sweet mix of ylang ylang and juniper berry. Juniper berry’s woodsy and energizing quality balances really well with ylang ylang’s ultra floral character. A very warm, calming note, ylang ylang adds a nice depth to this fragrance while inspiring joy. A really nice scent!

Overall, this collection is a personal favourite. The scents linger, but aren’t overwhelming in the least. In fact, you may want to tote the collection around in your purse as you may need to reapply during the day.

Have you tried any of Saje Wellness’ Natural Perfumes? What is your fave?

Dominique Baker
Dominique Baker

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  1. March 24, 2017 / 1:33 pm

    The bottling is really nice and I love the meditation inspired names. I’m gonna go with Yoga because it has amethyst and that’s my birthstone.

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