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How To Nail Your Brow Routine

For years, I hated my eyebrows. I was born with a mighty unibrow (thanks for that inheritance, Dad). That was GREAT. Once I hit highschool, I thought it would be a good idea to pluck the unibrow into two, super thin, ridiculous arcs. Marlene Dietrich would have been very unimpressed.

After years of struggle and one too many horrible eyebrow shapings at the hands of torturous estheticians, I decided to do some research on microblading. I found a great and certified microblader and never looked back (sadly, she has since hung up her microblading apron).

On top of that, I sat down and LEARNED WHAT WORKED for my eyebrows. For instance, I’m not “dextrous” enough for brow pomades. I’m too heavy-handed and end up looking like Bert of Sesame Street fame. I also learned that eyeliner is a terrible substitute for brow pencil.

After much trial and error, I discovered a few brands with eyebrow pencils dark enough for my hair and skin tone. Lastly, I befriended a stellar brow wiz who showed me some easy tricks for mastering great brow application.

Brittni Alexandra owns B.Beautiful, a gorgeous studio specializing in brow shaping, and permanent makeup (her studio also offers waxing, facials, lash extensions, and more). I was lucky enough to learn some great brow tips from her during our popular Instagram Live session.

Recently, I’ve been getting a ton of compliments on my brows and requests for a brow tutorial, so I went ahead and filmed one for your viewing pleasure. Here it is below:

A big thanks to Brittni for sending me a set of brow products that really work for me (the Three Bee Brow Kit – omg). If you are in the Toronto area, be sure to check out her gorgeous studio located at 402 Eglinton Avenue West. You can also email Brittni at concierge@bbeautifulbeauty.com.

Thanks for watching and don’t hesitate to send me any brow questions. I’ll have Brittni answer them – lol.


  1. Vanessa
    May 12, 2020 / 5:02 pm

    I only wish this post came with photo evidence of the alleged unibrow and Dietrich arches!

    • Dominique
      May 26, 2020 / 10:14 pm


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