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This Moisturizer Will Give You The Best Glowing Skin

What’s better than dewy, glowing skin? Super hydrated, happy skin! That’s how my skin felt at our glorious cottage retreat a couple of weeks ago.

This Moisturizer Will Give You The Best Glowing Skin - Jouviance Hydractiv Coconut Melting Balm | Style Domination by Dominique Baker

I’m lucky to be able to test out new releases from Jouviance, as their products are some of the best skincare I’ve tried. Jouviance’s Hydractiv Coconut Melting Balm is my all-time favourite though. Seriously. After four straight days of hellfire-like weather thanks to this endless heatwave and spending every waking minute in the lake, my skin was in need of some serious moisture.

This girl made sure to wear her sunscreen, but after a good shower before bed, I decided to pull out this coconut oil to moisturize from head to toe and it did not disappoint.

This Moisturizer Will Give You The Best Glowing Skin - Jouviance Hydractiv Coconut Melting Balm | Style Domination by Dominique Baker

My husband poked his head into the bathroom as I let out a long “WOW” after applying it to my legs.

Husband: “What’s up, babe? Whatchoo doin’ in there?” – Sly grin on his face.

Me: “OMIGOD. This new skin cream I got is the BOMB!!! OMG!!!! Come see!!!”

Husband: “‘Whatevs…” he mutters as he slinks back to the living room.

Ryan’s interest in skin hydration sadly matches his interest in me dragging him shopping for window treatments. His loss. After applying this product from head to toe, my skin glistened. It felt absolutely wonderful…and when I woke up, it felt even better after letting it soak in all night.

Why You Need To Try This NOW

This Moisturizer Will Give You The Best Glowing Skin - Jouviance Hydractiv Coconut Melting Balm | Style Domination by Dominique Baker

Jouviance’s Hydractiv Coconut Melting Balm is basically deodorized coconut oil with the added benefits of Vitamins E, B3 and Pro-A3. This boosted coconut oil formulation also contains hyaluronic acid to boost the plumpness and firmness of skin.

Coconut oil is rich in essential fatty acids which enhance the skin’s natural oil barrier further keeping skin hydrated and younger-looking.

The Coconut Melting Balm looks exactly like your normal coconut oil. It’s rich and has a beautiful slip, minus the graininess you sometimes find in natural coconut oil.

Of the many moisturizers I have tried, this one literally makes the skin glow. Dry, irritated skin is instantly soothed giving you an immediately healthy look. Absolutely fantastic.

Added bonus? While this coconut balm is deodorized, it does smell faintly of coconuts. Correction! It smells faintly of the delicious coconut bread baked fresh at local bakeries I used to frequent in Barbados. I mean, can you get any more perfect than that??

Added Benefits

Jouviance’s Hydractiv Coconut Melting Balm is also great for hair and nails! I have been getting regular manis and pedis at Oxygen Medi Spa’s Nail Bar, so my nails and cuticles are in pretty good shape. I got into the habit of rubbing a little of this balm into my cuticles each night before bed to further soften them and keep them healthy to great results.

Massaging a little into my feet and sleeping in cozy socks also transformed them from a little dry to perfectly sandal-ready.

On top of helping out the hands and feet, the Coconut Melting Balm is FANTASTIC in hair! Rub a little into your ends if they are feeling dry before bed and you will definitely notice a positive difference almost immediately.

I have melted a little into some deep conditioner also to boost my weekly deep conditioning treatments – a great way to get shiny, soft hair.

One More Thing You All Should Know About The Jouviance Hydractiv Coconut Melting Balm…

One thing I learned the hard way up at the cottage during the heat wave is that the Coconut Melting Balm is mostly coconut oil, so it softens at 24°C and liquefies at 26°C! When I opened the jar, I spilled a little as the cottage was so hot!

If you don’t have air conditioning at home, you may want to either refrigerate it or keep it in a cool, dark place. Please note though that if it does liquefy, it does not affect the product’s quality at all.

This was a standout beauty product that I discovered this summer and will be stocking it in my beauty arsenal for the rest of my life!!

Have you tried Jouviance’s Hydractiv Coconut Melting Balm? Did you fall in love like I did??

*Gifted by Jouviance in exchange for my honest opinion.

Dominique Baker
Dominique Baker

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