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Holiday Glam with Maison Jacynthe

Holiday Glam with Maison JacyntheHoliday Glam with Maison JacyntheHoliday Glam with Maison JacyntheHoliday Glam with Maison Jacynthe

Maison Jacynthe, one of my favourite all-natural skincare brands, recently launched a makeup line! I was really excited to test out these products, as Jacynthe René’s skincare line, Les Soins de Jacynthe, was one of my greatest beauty finds in 2016.

While all-natural beauty brands have been popping up everywhere, I have been a little disappointed with a few that I have tried. My main complaint with other natural brands is that there isn’t a great colour range for people of colour. Maison Jacynthe’s makeup offerings are of such classic and neutral colours that anyone can wear them. Also, some of the formulations of other lines need a little work. For instance, I bought an all-natural blush that looked fabulous the minute you put it on, but a few hours later, changed colour. I looked like a veritable “clown”, as my sweet but blunt husband pointed out. Thankfully, Maison Jacynthe’s line is of such high-quality that I have not had any problems of this sort after testing out the products.

I received the Maison Jacynthe Karité Vanilla Shea Butter, Mascara, Lipstick 01, and Eyeshadow 15 for testing. I also debuted my Maison Jacynthe makeup look during a Christmas party a few weeks ago to rave reviews (the Lipstick 01 is the happiest shade of red I have ever worn). Well, enough “jabbering”. On to the review!

Karité Vanilla Shea Butter

Holiday Glam with Maison Jacynthe

Like all Maison Jacynthe skincare products, this is absolutely stellar. I still use my Les Soins de Jacynthe Soins du Visage serum as it makes my skin glow. Karité Shea Butter is your one-stop shop for all over moisturizing. I have been using this lovely butter regularly and it is a fantastic cuticle moisturizer. I also rub it into my hands, put on my little cotton moisturizing gloves and voilà!! New hands! I also use on my feet to keep them soft and supple, and it has been working like magic to heal a small, minor patch of eczema that pops up on my face each winter.

Most notably, this shea butter smells absolutely heavenly.  I cannot get over it. It smells delicately of vanilla and orange, with a slight floral base note. In fact, it reminds me of little vanilla orange desserts my mom and grandmother make during the Christmas season.

This shea butter is enhanced with shea oil, vanilla, seabuckthorn oil, and an essential oil mix of wild orange, petitgrain and neroli. A touch a vegetable glycerin gives this product its smooth, lovely texture.


Holiday Glam with Maison Jacynthe

The Maison Jacynthe Mascara is an effective product providing an intensely black look. It is highly pigmented with a velvety texture. What I liked the most (other than the jet black colour) is the small brush that provides a very precise application. The brush made it very easy to apply to the lower lashes and little baby lashes in the corners of the eyes.

This mascara is made of 100% organic ingredients including salvia sclarea flower and leaf stem water.

Lipstick 01

Holiday Glam with Maison JacyntheHoliday Glam with Maison Jacynthe

Ahhhh!!! The prettiest red out there! This lipstick is fabulous! A rich, bright cherry red, to say that this lipstick is “highly pigmented” is an understatement! Maison Jacynthe hit it out of the park with this one! I received a ton of compliments on this lipstick, and one application lasted the duration of the Christmas party I attended, despite sipping a couple of champagnes throughout the night.

Unlike other organic lipsticks, this did not taste funny, change colour, or dry out. The formulation is rich and hydrating and has a pleasant, sweet scent thanks to it containing goji berry. Formulated with candelilla wax, it has a very smooth application and the matte formula didn’t dry out my lips at all. Loved it!


Eyeshadow 15 and Eyeshadow 05

Holiday Glam with Maison Jacynthe
Wearing Eyeshadow 05, Lipstick 01, Mascara

Holiday Glam with Maison Jacynthe

Eyeshadow 05 is the perfect light brown suitable for all skin tones. I choose this for a casual day look or for a light makeup look for work. Finely milled and velvety, these eyeshadows apply like a breeze.

Eyeshadow 15 is a rich, black matte colour, which makes for the perfect smoky eye. Truly deep black, it really stood out against my dark skin. A very long-lasting formulation too.

Have you tried the newly launched makeup line by Maison Jacynthe? Let me know in the comments! I truly enjoyed these products and Maison Jacynthe did a wonderful job with this high quality, luxurious line! I’m really loving the packaging too. Love pulling the  beautiful lipsticks out of my bag – so rich and beautiful!


  1. December 7, 2016 / 2:31 pm

    The Shea butter looks really nice and you kill it in a red lip!

  2. December 8, 2016 / 9:09 am

    This red lip shade is perfect on you! The formula sounds amazing!

    • Dominique
      December 12, 2016 / 1:26 pm

      Thank you! This lipstick is my new favourite red!

  3. December 8, 2016 / 9:13 pm

    First of all, why are you so pretty? Secondly, the red lipstick is *your* color. Lastly, I need to check out this shea butter!

    XO, Aubrey | TheDandyLiar.com

    • Dominique
      December 10, 2016 / 3:25 pm

      Awww Aubrey! Haha! Thank you. You’re too kind! I seriously love that lipstick. And the shea butter is totally amazing…

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