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This Mascara Gives The BEST False Lash Look

There are three makeup items that I cannot live without: concealer, blush and MASCARA. Mascara is bae – a favourite beauty item that makes my eyes look bright, big and pretty. A makeup look ain’t a lewk without it, and Givenchy Beauty’s new Volume Disturbia Excessive Volume and Curve Mascara ($33 CAD) elevates lashes to a whole new level.

I was stunned the first time I tried it. Many mascaras just darken the lashes and if you’re lucky, make them look a little longer. Most mascaras that make these claims, usually end up providing you with a clumpy finish. Not this mascara…it truly delivers.

The Mascara – Made To Disturb!

Givenchy’s makeup artist, Nicolas Degennes, wanted to develop a mascara that stopped traffic, and he succeeded. At first swipe, this mascara made my lashes insanely full and long. I stopped mid-application to make sure I was reading the mascara’s claims properly. Givenchy states that this mascara is buildable, allowing you to control the look, but it gave me huge lashes with one application.

How It Works

This waterproof mascara promises to instantly boost volume by almost 100% for 24 hours, which is completely true. Arm yourself with a good eye makeup remover because this stuff does not budge. I personally love this, as many mascaras travel down my face over the course of the day, making me look more “sexy raccoon” than “sexy femme fatale”.

The mascara also curves lashes at it dries, making the lashes look even bigger and fuller. It’s pretty noticeable at first application.

The brush looks pretty unassuming with its short bristles and cylindrical shape. The bristles grab each lash though, depositing the product to even the shortest of lashes. The mascara is also jet black and not thick and gooey at all. I liken this to why it doesn’t clump. The formulation also contains Vitamin E to protect and hydrate eyelashes.

Dominique Bake

Givenchy Beauty Liner Disturbia

I love myself a great eyeliner too, and Givenchy Beauty’s Liner Disturbia ($33 CAD) delivers. I am 100% that girl who wears a killer cat eye every single day, so I’m always on the hunt for a super sharp, super black liquid eyeliner.

I’m not the greatest at applying said cat eye, so finding one that has a super sharp felt tip is important (this makes application easier).

Liner Disturbia allows for an ultra precise application, and the formula also lasts 24 hours.

This waterproof liquid liner dries quickly also, but not so fast that it’s difficult to work with. It is intensely pigmented also, so do not worry about eyeshadow dulling its look. It always looks jet black, even applied over the lightest of eyeshadows.

I highly recommend both of these products because their claims are definitely verified by yours truly. I loved the mascara so much that I picked up a second one at my local Sephora.

*In collaboration with Givenchy Beauty. All opnions are my own.

Dominique Baker
Dominique Baker

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