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Deep Conditioning: The Key To Healthy Relaxed Hair

My hair is so dry…it’s sad.”

“Is there anything I can do to speed up the growth of my hair?”

“Detangling my hair is the worse. I dread washing my hair.”

These are all comments/emails/DMs I have received repeatedly since I started focusing on healthy relaxed haircare on my YouTube channel.

I was there once, suffering with hair so dry that it felt like it would catch fire if someone lit a match anywhere near me. When my hairstylist forced me to start deep conditioning weekly, that’s when I hair started to thrive.

So, get cozy and read on to learn why deep conditioning will transform your hair from a dry, damaged mess to crowning glory.

What Is Deep Conditioning?

Deep conditioning is when you apply good, thick hair conditioner or mask to your freshly washed hair. You can leave it in for anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, whatever suits you best.

I like to leave deep conditioner in for a while, usually an hour. If I have time, I’ll put on my heat cap to really let the deep conditioner penetrate hair strands.

Reduces Split Ends, Dryness and Breakage

Deep conditioning your hair is one of the easiest way to reduce split ends typically caused by chronic dryness. Conditioning your hair regularly hydrates it, and wards off damage.

Best of all, it prevents breakage. Prevent breakage, and watch your hair grow.

Promotes Elasticity

What is elasticity? Well, that’s when your hair is so healthy that when you take a single strand and pull each end, it stretches nicely before snapping in half.

Why is this good? Elasticity gives your hair strength to withstand combing and brushing…and all the other things we like to do to our poor hair.

Deep Conditioning Makes Hair Shiny

When hair is nice and hydrated, it better reflects light. This makes your hair look glossy and lovely. Dull hair is typically dry and lifeless. Deep conditioning is a solid way to boost your hair’s hydration.

What I Look For In A Good Deep Conditioner

The first ingredient should be water. I also look for proteins which rebuild the bonds of hair that have been broken in the relaxer process. Proteins aren’t a must though. Deep conditioners should also be nice and thick. Lastly, I look for natural oils like argan oil, Jamaican/Haitian black castor oil, coconut oil, etc.

Adding Oils For A Super Conditioner

Once a month, I add a cocktail of my favourite oils to my deep conditioner for a “mega deep condition”. Typically, I’ll take a mixing bowl, add a dollop of my favourite deep conditioner plus my favourite oils such as melted coconut oil or Haitian Black Castor Oil. I will heat the oil gently and apply to my hair.

I will then wrap my hair in plastic and add my heat cap. This is the perfect storm for perfect, hydrated hair. I filmed a whole video on this process here:

My Favourite Deep Conditioners


I hope you find this helpful, and it botivates you to start deep conditioning if you haven’t started already! Remember – regular deep conditioning = healthy hair.

Dominique Baker
Dominique Baker

Dominique is a Canadian-based fashion and beauty influencer with a strong voice in Ottawa’s black community. Since launching her blog Style Domination in 2015, she has amassed a global fanbase. Dominique shares her life through beautiful imagery and compelling story-telling that speaks to her fans on a personal level. She’s been featured in The Guardian, Flare, The Kit and Cityline. She also hosts events for Dress for Success, the Gem Conference, and has been named a United Way Person 2 Know for the past three years.

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  1. Sarah
    February 25, 2020 / 9:54 pm

    I have been using the joico moisture recovery line for about 3 months (thanks to your recommendation) and I have seen such a huge difference in my hair. I ensure to deep condition weekly. This has truly helped the process of nursing my hair back to being healthy.

    • Dominique
      February 27, 2020 / 12:44 pm

      Ahhh Sarah! I am so happy to read this! Thrilled my tips are help you!

  2. Kimberly
    July 4, 2020 / 2:46 am

    Hellllooo I was wondering which one do you think is better between the two deep conditioners..the intensive hydration masque or the strengthen and restore treatment masque ?

  3. Sophia
    September 22, 2020 / 7:04 am


    Did you wash the oils out before drying and styling?

    • Dominique
      October 20, 2020 / 4:33 pm


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