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For The Love Of Peat: Belif’s Peat Miracle Revital Line

Belif Cosmetic Brand caught my eye after I read a great review of the products on Refinery29. Apparently, the True Cream Moisturizing Bomb is truly the bomb.

Peat Miracle Revital Clay Mask

As a skincare addict, I really wanted to try out the line and happily accepted two samples – the Peat Miracle Revital Cream ($71 CAD) and the Peat Miracle Revital Clay Mask ($49 CAD). I was headed back to Barbados too so I packed them up in my suitcase and headed down south.

The Belif Brand

Before I get to the review, a little about this popular brand.  The Belif brand – on top of using cutting edge Korean skincare technology – uses the herbal knowledge and philosophy of Duncan, Napier – an herbalist hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland. He opened his first shop in 1860, selling herbal-based treatments and potions for the body and mind. Throughout his research, he created products that were successful in improving people’s skin and overall health.

The two products I tested are created from peat from the tundra peatland of Lehtosuo, Finland. I had no idea what that meant and where it is, so I turned to my good friend Google. A quick search returned images of marshy bogs and swamps surrounded by the most vivid greenery. It also provided a ton of images of Finnish women covered in peat and mud masks from head to toe sitting in “peat saunas”. I take that as a really good sign.

Belif states that the Peat Miracle Revital line is rich in minerals, organic acids and all ingredients are sourced from the Lehtosuo’s peat – which just so happens to be the world’s purest source of peat. Peat by the way, is a brown, soil-like material found in bogs and acidic ground. It consists mainly of partly decomposed vegetable matter and is used mainly in gardening and as fuel.

Peat Miracle Revital Cream

Belif Peat Revital Cream

I’m going to start by saying that this cream is glorious. It’s thick, rich and creamy. It felt wonderful after a day of sitting on the beach quite literally roasting under the Barbadian sun. I would apply a generous amount morning and right before bed, and my face felt wonderful. I also applied to my neck because I want to ward off the dreaded tech neck.

Despite being rich, I didn’t break out at all and it definitely did not sit on my skin. It absorbed well but left a beautiful, light, dewy finish. The cream smells wonderful too with its lightly fresh scent. I’ve been using this to great results for three weeks now and truly happy with the results!

Peat Miracle Revital Clay Mask 

Peat Miracle Revital Clay Mask
Peat Miracle Revital Clay Mask

Since returning from Barbados, my skin’s oil production has been on overdrive. I’ve gotten used to my super oily skin. I just keep telling myself that when I’m 65, I’ll look 45 thanks to all this shine. Every now and then though, I’d like to leave the house looking like I didn’t smear my face with Crisco. That’s when I reach for this great, gentle mask.

Belif states that this clay mask “resurfaces the skin with black Peat extract and Humic Acid to tighten the look of sagging pores.” It’s apparently made with “original Peat – which is the result of numerous herbs fermented for 5,000 years.”

This mask feels really comfortable on skin which is a marked difference from many I’ve tried. Once it dried after applying, my face didn’t feel like it would crack if I smiled. It washed off quite easily and left my face feeling soft and looking très glowy. I’ve used it weekly since my return and I’ve noticed a reduction in the oiliness of my skin.

Where To Buy

Us Canadians can buy Belif products online at www.belifcanada.com. The line is also available for US customers at Sephora. I get my love of skincare from my mom, and I know she will love this line (she’s all about natural skincare). I’ll be presenting her with a couple of Belif products for Mother’s Day as these are great gift ideas!

Have you tried Belif? If so, let me know which products you’ve taken for a whirl in the comments!

Dominique Baker
Dominique Baker

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  1. pam young
    January 3, 2018 / 8:44 pm

    I was first drawn to the belif line when I was passing a store with a display and it was based on the Napier herbalist formulas. My Mum worked for Napier’s in Edinburgh for years. I tried the moisture bomb and thought it was nice but I have just bought the new Peat miracle cream, used it last night and this morning and couldn’t believe how good my skin felt especially after the abuse it has taken over the festive season not to mention the ridiculous cold weather. Went to work today and one of the girls said how fantastic my skin looked, didn’t tell her my secret yet!!!

    • Dominique
      January 3, 2018 / 10:50 pm

      Haha! Good on your for keeping “our little secret”! I’m totally in love with this line too. I was pretty taken aback too at how lovely my skin felt after just one use. Thanks for stopping by and Happy New Year! xo

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