Boobyball Presents Paradise City! October 28, 2016

As someone whose family has been touched by breast cancer, it is incredibly important to me that a cure is found ASAP – hey, a cure for all cancers would be great. My family is one of the lucky ones. Our family member who was afflicted kicked breast cancer’s butt to the curb and she is recovering beautifully, and for that, I am so, so thankful.

Boobyball Presents Paradise City! October 28, 2016 |

I’ll wear you one day, Glitter Bomb Dress!

Boobyball Presents Paradise City! October 28, 2016 |

The Boobyball has been on my radar for a couple of years now, but I have never had the opportunity to attend. Last year, as I was all set to go to the planetary-themed gala. I had my icy blue glitter dress all set (thank you so much, Shepherd’s!!), blinged out crystal shoes all lined up…and then influenza reared its ugly head and I was down for the count. Sigh – I still look at all of the countless Planet Booby Gala pictures and my poor, awesome dress hanging lonely in the closet and shed a tear.

This year though, I AM GOING. Nothing is stopping me and can’t wait to see all of you there too!

Boobyball Presents Paradise City! October 28, 2016 |

Rethink Breast Cancer will be throwing its annual Boobyball Paradise City-themed fundraiser in Ottawa on October 28, 2016. Several other cities across Canada will also be hosting Boobyball galas including Toronto (Oct. 14), Winnipeg (Oct. 22), and Calgary (Oct. 27). This event is a seriously amazing one, and is noted as one of Ottawa’s top parties yearly. Rethink Breast Cancer is also a force in itself as this year marks the 15th annual Boobyball fundraiser and it has earned almost $4 million dollars to date, funds that are used to educate, empower and support young people worldwide who are concerned about and affected by breast cancer.

This year’s Paradise City theme really resonates with me too as it is honouring Rethink‘s mission to be in natural harmony with our bodies, something that I am trying to achieve myself.

Boobyball Presents Paradise City! October 28, 2016 |

All Carmen Miranda, all the time. Now, where to get a fruit basket hat for the ball….

Boobyball Presents Paradise City! October 28, 2016 |

This year’s party promises to thrill guests with its jungle theme, offering up a wild evening of great beats, tiki decor and fruity, tropical fashions (cue Carmen Miranda’s glorious singing). Guests can dance the night away while also learning to take charge of their breast health.

Also returning this year is #MyBoobyball, an easy way to throw your own fundraising party wherever you are to support the cause. #MyBoobyball hosts will receive a downloadable party package with everything needed to throw an awesome event such as exclusive playlist, a customizable invite, printable décor, and inspiration boards! The #MyBoobyball party host that raises the most money for the organization will win a trip for four to attend the Boobyball of their choice in 2017 plus a $1000 shopping spree courtesy of Topshop*! Massive score!! MASSIVE!

Boobyball Presents Paradise City! October 28, 2016 |

In addition, Rethink Breast Cancer is launching Pack Goals, a breast health challenge which began on September 19th. Supporters and their “animal pack” pals are encouraged to complete 10 days of healthy living challenges for a chance to win a VIP booth at Boobyball, a prize valued at $5,000.

National sponsors of Boobyball include Topshop, Paypal, Beau’s, Tito’s, Meiomi, 4 Print, and Boss Promotions. Of note, last year, the Boobyball raised an incredible $58,000 here in Ottawa, an impressive feat!

I can’t wait to attend and hope to see you all there! Get your tickets now by visiting!

Boobyball Presents Paradise City! October 28, 2016 |



  1. September 20, 2016 / 9:55 pm

    Nice dress. The color really suits you

    • Dominique
      September 20, 2016 / 11:46 pm

      Thank you!!

  2. September 21, 2016 / 12:28 pm

    What an amazing event! I have pinned this on my “Pay It Forward” board because it’s a philanthropic event that should get bigger every year! I’m so glad that your family’s cancer story had a happy ending!

    • Dominique
      September 21, 2016 / 1:31 pm

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Sarah! Means a lot. My aunt is now thriving and I’m so happy that she lives in a country with great health care. Thank you so much for pinning!

    • Dominique
      September 29, 2016 / 9:32 am

      Awww! Thanks! I desperately need somewhere to wear it!

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